"You cannot grow lotus flowers on marble. You have to grow them on the mud. Without mud, you cannot have a lotus flower. Without suffering, you have no ways in order to learn how to be understanding and compassionate."
— Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve decided that brussels sprouts (in addition to be phenomenally healthy and delicious) are probably the most beautiful vegetable to photograph. I had the hardest time picking which image to use for this recipe, almost as hard as it was to not eat the entire recipe as soon as I made it haha! This is such a simple, classic, easy way to prepare them but comes out absolutely incredible. I ate mine as is (hot out of the pan no less) but they’d also be perfect in salads, with pasta (or gluten free pasta), even on sandwiches. You can cook just about any green this way but if you haven’t tried (or liked) sprouts before give it a shot! :)
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